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Omaha North High School was built in 1924, and remains an anchor to the North Omaha community. The original building has a unique E-shape, which not only stands for education, but also for excellence - two strong Viking traditions that remain intact today.

The Timeline of Omaha North High School

omaoldTwenty years after its opening, a landscaping project was dedicated, expanding the campus as the student population doubled in the 1930's and 40's. A few years later, the school underwent a large remodeling project that would accommodate the growing number of students known as the baby boomer generation. This expansion added a music wing, cafeteria, gymnasium and 26 more classrooms for a total of 75 teaching stations.

The 1960’s and 70's ushered in era of overcrowding and social changes, when the school reached its highest enrollment of 2400 students. However, In the 1980’s, desegregation and the elimination of 9th grade in OPS high schools decreased enrollment. To counteract the decline and maintain the excellent standards of education at North High, a magnet school concept - utilizing computers and technology - was embraced by the North High staff, parents, alumni, and the school district. 


North High Becomes a Technology Magnet School

VRANA 2010 NorthHigh 016To make the magnet school vision a reality, a complete renovation was necessary to update North High’s infrastructure and teaching environment. In 1993, the renovation was complete. The purchase of several adjacent properties and several additions totaled $20 million, and expanded North High’s campus from four acres in 1924, to 12 acres in 1993. At this time, extensive training was given to the teaching staff, and physical changes included the building of a new Viking Center, library, and multi-purpose facility for physical education and athletics.



Student-Designed Engineering Wing Transports North High to the Future

HaddixNHS 05North High continued its Viking Voyage into the 21st century with the addition of the Haddix Center for Engineering, Science and Technology. Initiated by the enthusiasm of North High’s engineering students who wanted a first class facility to parallel the outstanding curriculum of their program, the students designed the new building and presented the plans to the school board and other leaders of the Omaha Community.

With support from the architectural engineering firm, RDG, leadership from the Omaha North High School Foundation, and financial support from many generous donors, the state of art, LEED certified engineering wing was built. With the addition of the Haddix Center engineering, science and technology wing, North High Magnet School can fully prepare students for their role in a highly technological and global society.

The History of the Omaha North High School Foundation

The Omaha North High School Foundation was incorporated in 1992 to provide scholarships & improve educational opportunities for all Vikings. In 2014, to honor North High’s 90 years of excellence, the Foundation set a $900,000 goal for its endowment fund - the income from which scholarships and support arises.

In the last 15 years, the Foundation has awarded $400-500K in scholarships to deserving students. Today and beyond, the Foundation’s goal is to expand its endowment fund beyond $1,000,000, to reach and include even more deserving young people. 

Gene Haynes Image and Quote

 Former Omaha North High School Principal Gene Haynes' bio is available here.

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As Omaha North High School Foundation continues its Viking voyage, your support ensures that the standards of excellence begun in 1924 will continue for today’s North High School students, and for generations of Vikings to come.

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Today, North High is a Magnet School with a special curriculum and expanded resources for students choosing to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. For the past two decades, the Foundation has contributed funds and resources to support students who have chosen these pathways of learning, and the teachers who light their way. In total, the Foundation has contributed over $500,000 to these efforts.

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